MyDeliChef is all about liberating chefs from the constraints of a restaurant

Food preparation

Which is why we keep our requirements on chefs to a minimum. The requirements we do have directly relate to our company principles and rely on common sense - in order to ensure a great experience for all.


  • You're able to produce delicious, exciting, creative food to professional standards
  • You have the relevant expertise, experience and knowledge that apply to the food you are providing
  • You show awareness of the origin of your dishes. Be able to tell a story that brings your food to life - it will make your services more valuable.

Professional behaviour

  • You can demonstrate professionalism, punctuality, safety and hygiene beyond reproach - including compliance with all legal requirements, in particular food standards
  • You're friendly and enthusiastic with great communication skills - fun for everyone!
  • You're highly respectful of customers' privacy and treat any customer information as confidential
  • You drive carefully and park respectfully (make prior arrangements with customers when necessary)
  • You dress like a chef


  • You're willing and able to adapt your dishes and menus to customers' individual requirements
  • You're sensitive to food allergies, intolerences and any religious/cultural restrictions on food and you can make the necessary adjustments (customers are asked to specify these in the ordering process)
  • You use all-natural ingredients, no artifical produce (in the case of any exceptions, these must pointed out very clearly to the customers)
  • You source your food yourself, and locally as much as possible
  • You believe in total transparency with regards to ingredients and make high-quality ingredients a point of pride

Do you have any questions on the above? Would you like us to clarify any of the points? E-mail us at - we're here to help you!

Beyond these requirements, we leave all creative decisions around planning and cooking to you. You're the chef!

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