Let's get to work!

So, you believe MyDeliChef has a lot to offer you and you've created an account as a Chef...

Congratulations! And now for the next steps:

1. Let's build you a swanky profile

Once you've registered as a Chef and logged in, click on ✎ My chef profile in the Login section.

This will allow you to fill in all sorts of information on your cooking, your background, your skills and whatever else you want to share. You'll also be able to upload photos of yourself and your cooking.

We'll then compile this information into a swanky chef profile for customers to see! Don't worry though, it will only be published on MyDeliChef.com once you've given your agreement.

2. Let us know your availabilities

In your chef profile, click on the dates and times of day when you're available to work as a private chef. Customers can then find you when they search for a chef on a particular date.

You can select as many or as few dates as you choose, but obviously the more you can offer, the more business you'll get.

3. Define your menus

You can define a number of menus that you're particularly proud of and believe customers will love. Once you've signed up as a chef and logged in, simply click on the 'Add a new menu' button and fill in the required fields.

We don't want to interfere on the cooking side, but if you would like some help with building menus and setting prices, we're here to help.

4. Start taking reservations

Once your profile, your availability and your menus are all set up, customers can book your services on MyDeliChef.com and you're good to go!

5. Get work as a Private Chef and get paid

When the day comes, you impress your customers with your amazing food and the next day, we pay you for your services by transfer directly into your bank account.

Are you not yet registered with MyDeliChef?

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