MyDeliChef Principles

At MyDeliChef, all of our work revolves around the following principles



Health and Community


We are a network of highly competent, professional chefs. All our chefs have followed extensive training and bring their years of professional experience and their high quality standards directly into your kitchen.

Precision, expertise and punctuality in our work form the basis of the exemplary customer service on which our reputation is being built.

Like all good artists, our chefs are bursting with creative ideas and the passion to produce exciting work of their own.

We believe that liberating our chefs from the constraints of a restaurant gives them the freedom to express their authentic ideas, their personal roots and their unique traits. A more fun experience for everyone!

Our chefs' food is not only deilcious - it's also good for you. When selecting the most natural of ingredients, our chefs source them locally as much as possible. Many of our chefs have also embraced all-organic ingredients, the aim being to give you the most nutritious food experience we can.

Throughout Europe, we strive to be a responsible member of the community. To this end, a proportion of our profits will be given to charities and organisations that promote healthy nutrition.

Perhaps contrary to expectations in this new industry, MyDeliChef offers excellent value for money. Without the fixed costs of a restaurant, our chefs can bring you top-notch food and drinks at surprisingly competitive prices.

A MyDeliChef dinner is an affordable luxury. But if you do want to push the boat out and spend more, we offer a fully tailor-made prestige service for ultimate refinement.

Healthy food