Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most questions are to be found below. Alternatively, feel free to contact us by clicking here.

Isn't this going to be expensive?

No, it doesn't have to be.

MyDeliChef offers excellent value for money. A traditional restaurant has many fixed costs to cover, which are then reflected in your bill as a customer.

None of these apply to MyDeliChef, which allows us to keep our prices surprisingly competitive. More details here.

What if I want to splash out on something special?

Excellent value is all about making your money go further.

We offer fully tailored experiences, for those extra-special occasions that require even more refinement. Click here in order to make an enquiry.

Why would I choose to stay in rather than go out?

We love restaurants. Sometimes though, you'll want more privacy than a restaurant can offer.

Sometimes, you'll want to put the kids to bed and enjoy dinner without hiring a babysitter.

Sometimes, you'll be glad you don't need a taxi, or need to choose between drinking and driving.

My kitchen is small and I don't have many pots and pans. How will this work?

Don't worry, our chefs are creative people. They don't need a huge, professionally-equipped kitchen in order to make great food.

And if you really are very short of pots, pans or utensils, our chefs will bring their own.

How can I be sure the chef will be good?

1. All our chefs are experienced professionals, bursting with creativity and a passion for great food and great service.

2. They must all adhere to the MyDeliChef principles (details here)

and 3. Our customer feedback system gives chefs a huge incentive to perform and ensures the service remains excellent.

How can I be sure the quality of the food will be top-notch?

One of our core principles is a commitment to all-natural, honest, healthy food.

Our chefs select the ingredients themselves and, unlike in a restaurant, you will be able to inspect these ingredients with your own eyes before the chef starts cooking.

A fully transparent process.

Why can I not get MyDeliChef services in my area?

The MyDeliChef network is expanding rapidly, all over Europe. Unless you live in the desert, or on a remote island, we'll be coming your way in the near future.

If you know of a talented chef or two in your area who could be interested in joining us, please contact us and let us know.

How do you deal with allergies and food intolerances?

We will ask you about these during the online ordering process. Depending on the dish, the chef will advise you whether he/she can simply leave out the relevant ingredient(s) for individual guests, or whether the dish needs to be changed for everyone.

Please always mention allergies and intolerances when placing your order, so that the necessary precautions can be taken.

We will always find a way to offer you a great dish that respects your food preferences.

Can I order a Halal meal or a Kosher meal?

You most certainly can. Simply select the relevant option when placing your order.

Do you offer Vegetarian/Vegan food?

We most certainly do. You'll find loads of delicious choices amongst the dishes offered by our chefs.

In many cases, the dishes offered by our chefs can be adapted on an individual basis.

I'm a chef and I'd like to work through MyDeliChef. How can I join?

If you're a keen and talented chef who's committed to great food and great customer service, we want to hear from you.

Click here to access the Chefs section with all the information you need. We're here to help you!

I'm not a chef, but can I work for MyDeliChef?

Get in touch! We are growing all the time and throughout Europe.

We are always on the lookout for great people, particularly with skills in web design, coding, management, marketing, customer service, accounting and photography.

We look for enthusiasm and creativity ahead of paper qualifications and we are proud to offer amazing opportunities and a hugely fulfilling career. If you'd like to be a part of a fun and fast-growing company in a brand-new industry, check out our recruitment page for more details.